mission statement

 Created as an attempt to fuel students’ passion for visual arts, the YESTERDAY AGAIN FILM FESTIVAL returns yet again for its sixth year. Our goal is provide a medium in which our visionaries can “imagine, create, and inspire”. Whether it is through a submission of film, art, or photography, students have the opportunity to win awards, acknowledgment, and experience through participation. Every student in San Joaquin County is encouraged to become involved.

IMAGINE. The sky’s the limit in terms of what you can create. The most important and rewarding part of this process is bringing to life what you can see in your head.

CREATE. Though film submissions can be of any genre, theme, or type of video, the work must be school appropriate, original, and no longer than 15 minutes. In regards to physical art, we are happy to take submissions of all kinds including, but not limited to: photography, clay sculptures, paintings, and sketches.

INSPIRE. On the night of the festival, finalist film submissions will be shown in the Atherton Auditorium, and other visual submissions will be displayed in the lobby for guests to enjoy throughout the event. Winning films and artwork will be determined through audience vote.

The Yesterday Again Film Festival started seven years ago in 2013, and the dream of our first coordinators still lives in our team today. Art is limitless and powerful. Grab a paintbrush or a camera and start making your masterpiece. Until then, we are eager to see you at the 2020 Yesterday Again Film Festival.